Is Soltan (beautiful bronze) Cheating You Out of Your Cash?

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If you prefer the gel over the lotion, then the answer is yes!

I recently bought the whole set of Soltan Beautiful Bronze products, because I love the lot (I'd recommend the mousse the most). Id been using the lotion for a while and didnt really like how the shimmery sparkles in it left me looking like a glitterball, I tried it once on my face and will never make that mistake again.

My friend swears by the gel over any other Beautiful Bronze product so I thought Id see what Id make of it- when I first squeezed some gel out I thought there'd been some sort of mistake- it looked exactly like the lotion. It also applied like the lotion, smelt like the lotion and even flipping glittered like the lotion. Why? Because it was the lotion!

I took a look at the back of the bottles and the ingredients for both of them were exactly the same, theyre also the same on the Boots website. But who cares if theyre selling two products the same? Well I do when one is about £1.50 more per 100ml, its not a lot but it's more the cheek of it and means that you can spend the same money and lose out on 50ml of the product just because you didnt like the name.

On a more positive note, Boots are doing 1/3 off selected Soltan Beautiful Bronze products so get your bum over there! (but remember to choose the lotion not the gel!)

Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self Tan Lotion 200ml - £8.99

Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self Tan Gel 150ml - £8.99


  1. I used the Soltan instant tan for years! I always thought it was pretty good for the price. Now I use St. Moriz and Ambre Solaire and swear by them :) x

    1. Ahh I really want to try the st moriz Ive heard such good things about it especially for the price, can't seem to find anywhere round here that sells it though, might have a little look on ebay x

  2. I was (still am) so nervous about using fake tans in case I end up orange! The only brand I trust is Ambre Solaire! I cant believe you get 50ml more of this product for the same price as 50ml less! Especially if it does the same thing!
    Love your blog btw, your reviews are so great! xx

  3. Which ambre solaire products do you use? Ive only tried the no streaks bronzer spray and woke up in the morning the exact same colour that I went to bed, wasnt too impressed! x


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