My Favourite Simple Products

Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Day Cream- I love this cream! I think this is the perfect consistency- thin enough to sink in easily but thick enough to really give the skin moisture. I use this before I go in the shower, after I come out the shower and before I put my foundation on. The texture is really moicturising without being oily or leaving a sheen and it has made such a difference to the dry patches I get round my nose in the winter. This cream has also really helped with blemishes- since I started using it I have only had a few and theyve faded quickly without drying up horribly.

Eye Make-up Corrector Pen- I bought this on a bit of a whim because I thought it would be useful for liquid eyeliner mistakes and I was right- any slip ups are instantly removed with the soft damp tip of the pen. It needs to be wiped on a tissue or makeup remover wipe after every use (and sometimes during) I find its much easier to do that than try and remove a mistake with a wipe and end up removing all the eyeliner.

Cleansing Facial Wipes- These are so good for refreshing the skin in the morning if you cant be bothered to cleanse, and remove foundation so quickly and easily. I prefer wipes because I can really get into my lashes and remove all those layers of mascara but find some can be really drying and others leave an oily feeling. These Simple ones though I find perfect for my combination skin, I always use them before moisturising or exfoliating in the shower and they remove waterproof eyeliner etc so easily.

What are your favourite Simple products and have you tried any featured in this post?


Fräulein3°8 - 20 Colours Concealer Palette

Fraulein 38 is a german brand that 'symbolizes ladies life-long beauty revolution', it has a great array of make up palettes- concealers, blushers and eyeshadows (review coming soon), as well as brush sets and nail art accessories at actually surprisingly great prices.

Looking through their products I was spoilt for choice but decided to first go for their concealer palettes, they have one with 15 colours which I saw on Gina's blog (her review here) but I went for the 20 colour palette as it included more corrector colours.

The palette is professional, thin and black, it is made from that slightly rubbery mac-esque plastic that can get a bit smudgey especially if youre using the concealer on your fingers but a bit of make up remover keeps it looking good as new. The palette came with some little plastic eye shadow applicators which Ive thrown away so there is a space below the concealers for a brush which is really handy. 

I love the choice of shades in this palette- there are two great highlighters, correctors, and concealer shades in a range of tones and colours. The light colours will do me when I havent tanned, the medium colours are great alone or can be mixed, and the dark colours are perfect to use as a bronzer or contour colour. I love taking a small amount of the darkest colour on a flat foundation brush or Real Techniques stippling brush and blending under my cheek bones and up to my temples. Because it's a cream it looks so natural and really adds depth and dimension to the face!
Of the corrector colours I havent yet found a use for the orange and black, but the pink/lilac I use to neutralise the blueish tones around my eyes if I havent slept properly and the green and yellow I use for blemishes and red areas. If you read my post here you'll know that I was looking for a new yellow corrector and this from Fraulein is a perfect replacement. 

This picture doesnt really do the coverage justice, it is far better than I expected- as this is a professional palette the formulas are very pigmented and the coverage is definitely buildable. My skin isn't perfect but this palette covers everything I want it to without being drying or flaky.

This palette definitely get the thumbs up from me and I would encourage anyone whos thinking about it to go ahead and order! Oh and did I mention it was only £11!?
I got mine from ebay, I cant find the seller at the moment, but theres a couple here for between £11 and £12.

Do you own any products by Fraulein 38?

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