Zhuzh Tan Accelator- A Faster Deeper Natural Sun Tan?

These two Zhuzh products are designed to 'accelerate' your tan- they claim to boost natural pigment in the skin to help you develop a deep, long lasting tan quickly in the sun. The Tan Accelerator £15.99 and Best of Both Tans Luxury Daily Moisturiser £15.99 both contain the 'tan accelerating' ingredients, but the moisturiser also has a gradual self tan that aims to add extra colour on top of a quick natural tan.

I was sent these products a while ago but because of the weather I haven't a real chance to try them out until now. I was really intrigued and had high hopes for both of them as I don't tan well in the sun but I would love to be naturally bronzed.

The Zhuzh Tan Accelerator comes in a spray bottle and the product is applied to skin on top of SPF and then rubbed in. The Daily Moisturiser is also applied on top of SPF, but instead of a light mist, the product is a thick cream that needs a bit of work before it is fully blended. Both products left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised, and after a few hours in the sun I was completely... the same colour. I've tried each of the products several times, especially when wearing shorts or other clothing that would leave a visible tan line, but they really don't seem to do anything at all for me. Even the moisturiser with gradual tan didn't seem to impart any colour on my skin.

The spray and cream are both water based, and the only ingredient advertised on the packaging or website is Shea Butter. Looking through the ingredients there's a list of things I can't pronounce, but the ones I do recognise are several alcohols, parabens, fragrances and silicone. This leads me to wonder whether the products really are doing anything magical to my melatonin or whether they've been based on some kind of research that suggests skin tans faster when it is moisturised. 

While the product line is a great idea and something we could really do with in England, I was left disappointed with two formulas that turned out to really just moisturise and do little else. They both seem to have some good reviews online, though, so I'd be interested to hear if they've worked for anyone else as maybe they'd do better on different skin.

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How Laser Hair Removal Treatment Works

Do you feel like your home is a war zone? Are you always fighting with your unwanted hair? What happens when you've tried waxing, shaving, and plucking and are just at the end of your tether? Then it might be time to see if you're a good candidate for laser hair removal. But first, there are some basics you should know about the process.

Why Hair Disappears for Longer Time Periods After Laser Treatment
When you shave or wax away your unwanted hair, you'll probably notice it starting to grow back after just a couple of days. In fact, most of us have been known to shave or wax at least once a week. That's why laser procedures can look like miracle fixes, since the hair might stay away for weeks. Sometimes it might not grow back at all, but why is that?

The answer is simple. Techniques like shaving only remove the hair that shows on top of your skin, but those hairs grow up from below the surface. Think of hair as being like a vegetable that grows out of the ground from a seed. You can chop off the plants, but the root systems are still intact underneath the soil. It's the same way with hair.

Luckily, laser devices have been designed that can target hair at the roots, also known as follicles. When those roots are damaged or destroyed, it discourages regrowth. It might take weeks for the follicles to repair themselves and start producing hair again, and some follicles may be permanently destroyed, preventing regrowth entirely.

Treatments Still Have to Be Repeated Sometimes
One thing to remember is that laser treatments often have to be repeated. In fact, they're usually done in a series of 3 to 5 treatments, which are spread out over several weeks. Once one set of treatments is over, you may not need another for a long time, but you probably will eventually, unless you just want to go back to shaving or waxing. So, you should consider those repeated costs before investing any time or money in laser hair removal treatments.

If They Are So Good, Why Doesn't Everyone Have them?
There are a couple of reasons why not everyone has laser hair removal treatments done. As just mentioned, money can be a factor. The costs of the repeated treatments can add up, and not everyone has the funds to keep up with that.

That being said, the bigger reason that not everyone is a good candidate is that most average laser devices are designed to target hairs by looking for dark spots against light skin. Not everyone has light skin, and not everyone has dark hair either. If you are lucky enough to have both, you are the ideal candidate for the procedure. If not, you aren't totally out of luck, but you may have a harder time finding a clinic with a custom laser capable of treating someone with your hair and skin tones.

Even if you aren't what is considered the ideal candidate, you still might want to look into laser treatment for your unwanted hair. After all, in the long run it can save you a lot of time and fuss.

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How To Fake Tan The Non-Orange Way

Summer is here! (apparently!). But for pasty girls even the hottest of heatwaves can leave a chill in the air when they remember that wearing a dress means they'll have to put their lily-white pins on display. Having tried everything from self tan oil to gradual tan, the thought of baring my skin doesn't bring me out in a (heat) rash, and I've got some tips to make you look bronzed and lovely without having to crisp up your delicate skin in the sun.
Everyone knows they should exfoliate more than they do, but it really is key before applying self tan. A product like Whitetobrown Exfoliate* £7.99 is great for this as it has a gel formula which doesn't leave an oily residue on the skin. The exfoliating particles are small and scrubby but you do need to get your palms in there on tough areas like ankles and knees.

After exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells and any previous tan you had on, applying a moisturiser will ensure that the self tan develops evenly and doesn't stick to dry areas. The St Tropez Tan Optimiser* £5.95 contains Apricot Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil which make sure that skin is moisturised, particularly on the knees, elbows, hands and feet. St Tropez also say the Tan Optimiser can be used on holiday to prolong a tan (I've yet to try this out!).
Once you're smooth and prepared, it's time to self tan. I was sent the Fake Bake Original Self Tan Lotion £12.50 to try out, which is one I haven't used before, but the brand has been around since I first started tanning. The lotion comes enclosed with a pair of blue gloves, but I find that all tans apply best and fastest with a mitt so it's definitely worth getting your hands on one.
The lotion is a dark brown colour which smells to me a bit like lychee, and it smooths in easily to create an even layer. After leaving the product on overnight, you're left with a medium tan that's not orange and definitely a better colour than you'd get from a day in the English sun. You can reapply the tan the next night for a darker colour or use an oil-free moisturiser to make sure it fades evenly.
Self tanning can add a bit of extra time to your routine, but it means you'll be a nice sun kissed shade, even if you haven't faced the sun for a while!

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