Benefit B.right Intro Set

Benefit B.right 6 piece intro set, £10 at Feelunique

While I was perusing the New Year online sales I came accross this 6 piece set from Benefit. I am always eager to try out their products but the hefty price tag really puts me off, as this was only £10 for 6 trial size products (and it was just after Christmas so I was feeling quite rich) I decided to give it a go.

The products claim to brighten and hydrate the skin, they come in a plastic tray inside a plastic zippy bag which I will definitely find another use for and are packaged in glass bottles/pots and plastic tubes. The packaging is quite conservative for Benefit but I actually quite like it, the full size products even have a design on the plastic lids to make them look like corks. All the products smell very botanical and actually just like the garden centre down the road, its strong but not offputting.
It's Potent! Eye Cream and Total Moisture Lotion- the eye cream has a whole host of ingredients to hydrate and fight free radicals, and claims to fade dark circles. I have been using this little pot for about a week and have honestly noticed no difference in my eyes. The moisture lotion is quite thick and visibly hydrates my skin without leaving it feeling greasy, it contains Benefit's exclusive Tri-Radiance complex and does leave my skin looking a bit brighter and healthier.

Foamingly Clean Facial Wash and Refined Finish Facial Polish- I found the wash really did leave my skin feeling very clean, almost squeaky clean, without drying it out. I do have combination skin so if you have dry skin this might not be a great product for you. The facial polish starts off like a thick grainy cream or balm that slightly thins out when mixed in water. It contains clay and seaweed and feels almost like granules in a thick moisturiser, it softened and exfoliated any patches of dry skin that I had but also left my skin feeling brighter and hydrated.

Benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish
Moisture Prep Toning Lotion- I found that the moisturiser did sink better into my skin but other than that Im not quite sure what this lotion is for, my skin didnt feel much tighter or refined after using it.

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion- Emulsion is usually something Id put on the walls so I wasnt expecting too much from this product but actually found it to be a light but hydrating moisturiser. Benefit say this product helps to capture and maintain water on the skins surface.

Full Size Prices:
Its Potent! eye Cream £23.50
Total Moisture Lotion £26.50
Foamingly Clean Facial Wash £16.50
Refined Finish Facial Polish £17.50
Moisture Prep Toning Lotion £23.50
Triple Performing Facial Emulsion £19.50

In conclusion, I did like these products and most of them did what they said on the tin, however I like them a lot more for £10 rather than the whopping £127 it would be to buy all the full size versions! Im not sure I will be purchasing these as they were great and did brighten my skin but none of them really stood out that much to me in order to be a must have item. I will use them until theyre finished though!


  1. I got the total moisture moisturiser as a pretty good sized sample over christmas but im yet to use it - like the sounds of it from your review though and im always in the market for something that'll brighten my face a bit!
    also im intrigued to see these "longest eyelashes ill ever see" from your blurb!! surely that cant be a bad thing!? xx

    1. You should definitely use it if you've got it, but I wouldnt get too attached to it or it'll end up an expensive habit! haha.
      Ok so maybe I exagerated just a tiny bit, im not going to end up in the guiness world records anytime soon but I do get a lot of comments and get asked if Im wearing false lashes. I'll try and dig out a photo, they go nearly past my eyebrows when I look up. Ahh it is, the perils of long eyelashes- they bend different directions and over on the ends, get maaajorly stuck together by all mascaras, I cant wear sunglasses, and its really hard to blink in strong wind!! x

  2. oops that was the wrong google account! lol x


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