New Cosmetic Bag Ideas

Make Up Bag Ideas
I'm a bit bored of my make up bag, Ive never been very keen on the design but use it because its easy to keep clean and a compact handy size. While having a look for a new one I came across some really lovely designs and thought Id share them in case anyone else is looking for a new make up bag as well.

1. Jan Constantine Romantic Make Up Bag £21.58
2. Disaster Designs Dandy Make Up Bag £15.60
3. In a Nutshell Make Up Bag £18
4. Disaster Designs Fleur De Jardin Make Up Bag £16.78
5. Ted Baker Eller Cosmetic Bag £22
6. In a Nutshell Wash Bag (not quite a makeup bag but love the design nonetheless) £21.58

DIsaster Designs Bon Voyage Makeup Bag
I really like the Disaster Designs range of accessories and as my sister is a big traveller I bought her the Bon Voyage Make Up Bag above along with a scrapbook style travel diary for her birthday, I would've liked to have kept it for myself! Ive found a lot of lovely styles on which is a site I use quite a lot looking for presents for my mum and sister (and sometimes myself!).
Another gorgeous bag that's just been released is the Aromatherapy Associates Little Beauty Bag (below), the design is inspired by the feeling you get when smelling essential oils and its available for just £12.
It was a toss up for me between number 1 and number 3 in the first picture above, they're both a bit more girly and twee (in a good way) than I usually go for but I settled on number 3, the In a Nutshell bag, as I think it's pretty unusual and really like the colour. It's matte rubber coated but made to look a bit like suede which is great so it can be wiped clean and I don't need to worry about getting my grubby makeup paws over it!

Review: Olay Complete Care Plus Everyday Sunshine in Deep Glow

I've been finding recently that no matter how much I moisturise, self tans are grabbing drier areas of my face and blemish marks, making me look a bit blotchy under foundation. I bought this moisturising cream as I was looking for colour that would also add some moisture to my skin and Olay has been well established in the highstreet skincare market for years (anyone remember when they were called Oil of Ulay??).
This moisturiser smells exactly like a brightening cream I bought from Olay years ago, and looks quite similar too as it has a kind of pearlescent quality that instantly brightens the skin. Its quite a thin consistency but hydrates well, in fact very well and if I apply too much I do look a bit shiny. The Complete Care contains DHA, Vitamin E and also has SPF 15 which is really handy although I don't really need it as I never tan or burn on my face and at the moment I'm using a tinted moisturiser as a primer which has SPF 30 anyway (see why I need to get some colour on my there!).
As for the colour this Deep shade performs well, it develops quickly and evenly; not sticking to any drier patches at all and looking natural. I've been using this moisturiser before bed so my foundation doesn't interfere with the DHA and due to the occasional shininess as I tend to get a bit slap happy! Obviously this doesn't leave me as brown as my fake tan would (currently Lauren's Way Darker than Dark) but I still need to blend it into my hairline to avoid a line and it gets deeper the more you apply. I think the lighter colour wouldn't have been enough for my naturally pale skin.

Overall, big thumbs up from me! The tube only contains 50ml but for the price you can't really sniff at it and as a moisturiser that contains tanning ingredients rather than the other way around Ive found this really helps to give my skin a healthier look. The only downside is that I need to be extra careful not to get it on my lips as it has a pretty unpleasant taste that seems to linger!

The Olay Complete Care plus Everyday Sunshine is available from Boots, Superdrug and Asda for around £6.


MUA Power Pouts- Irreplaceable & Broken Hearted

I really can't get enough of bright lips at the moment, it might be because the weather is still so dull but a strong pop of colour really seems to cheer me up!
I picked up the Power Pouts in my order of MUA goodies and they were the first product I tried on. These are a tint and balm in one and remind me in texture a little of the Revlon Lip Butters but are more pigmented and I think glossier as well. These are in chubby stick style- a thick pointed wand of colour that twists up out of the holder and can be held like a pen. I really like how easy it is to get a defined shape with these as well as being able to get precisely under and between the lips, which I think is a really important step to making lips look bigger and more voluptuous.

The Power Pouts have a very faint minty scent but not much of a taste and unlike the Out There glosses, the colour stays on the lips long after the glossy balm has sunk in- they do tint the lips for a good while after but not in the strong pigmented way that a stain would.
Irreplaceable / Broken Hearted
I'm pretty in love with these- theres no faffing about with lip liners and drying lipsticks and then a gloss on top as its all in there waiting for you. Disaster struck a little the other day though with the packaging as I put the Irreplaceable shade in a side pocket of my bag and throughout the day the cap came off, took a nice chunk out of the side of the balm and mashed it around my bag which I wasn't too happy about! I think to take them around I might have to tape the lids down, not so sophisticated but at least will prevent further disaster!

Of the two that I have, Irreplaceable is my favourite as I tend to prefer bluey pinks over reddish ones. I was a little disappointed with the shade choice as I would've liked to have seen more light colours but hopefully with a little encouragement MUA will extend the range!

The MUA Power Pouts are available from Superdrug and for just £3.


MAC MSF Natural in Medium Deep

If you've been reading recently you'll know that Ive been having some trouble with bronzers breaking me out. Ive been getting blemishy along my cheek contour lines, the outside edges of my forehead and particularly down each side of my chin which is a place Ive only just started to contour (got a bit of an egg face, need a little something to stop me looking like humpty dumpty).
Ive been using the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Medium for a couple of years as a setting powder but did fancy a change recently. I knew that this was a safe formula for me though and had the bright idea of purchasing the Medium Deep shade to use as a bronzer/contour colour.
The colour is a warm brown that has a very natural tone to it as this can be used as a mineral foundation for darker skinned ladies. Its got a nice satin texture and isn't too drying as powders go. At first it applies quite sheer but the colour is quickly built up and Ive actually been having a little difficulty knowing when to stop as I'm more used to bronzers where the colour really needs loading up on the brush to get a deep enough shade on the face. I apply this with the Real Techniques Kabuki opened out which makes it quite quick and easy as theres such a big brush surface area to work with (did I mention my big egg face?!).
I'm pleased to report that since using this Mac MSF as a bronzer my blemishes have nearly all gone and Ive barely got any new ones in the same areas at all.
If like me you have trouble with bronzer breakouts, it might be worth trying a darker shade of your current setting powder if you know it doesn't cause your skin any trouble. I really like the MSFs and because of their non drying formula I think they'd be great for a range of skin types.
I bought my Mac MSF Natural in Medium Deep from Debenhams on offer for £18.99, you can also find it at Mac stores and their online shop for £21.


New & Upcoming: Bourjois Cream Blushes & Bronzing Collection Launch + Mac Makeup Classes + Benefit 15hr Primer

Theres been some interesting things popping up on my beauty radar in the past couple of weeks and this is the news that has caught my attention the most:First is a product launch I'm quite excited about- the Bourjois Cream Blushes that have a cream to powder formula and contain mango, apricot and poppy extracts to brighten the complexion and soften the skin. They'll have a dewy finish that creates a healthy glow to the skin. These will be available in four shades ranging from peach to browny pink and will launch into Selfridges on 8th May then Boots, Superdrug and ASOS on 15th May for £7.99.
Bourjois will also be launching limited edition Je T'aime Blush pots including the first ever blush shade from the brand from 1914. Launching into Boots in June will also be their new bronzing collection named 'Summer on the Riviera', a self tan free range that includes a Bronzing BB Cream, Bronzing Primer and a new bronzing powder- Max Delight Bronzer.

I think I'm definitely looking forward to the blush launch more than the bronzing collection, a bronzing primer that doesn't tan the skin? Sounds a bit.... unusual.

(I bought the Cream Blush in the colour 03 Rose Tender and you can read my review HERE. I tried out the Bronzing Primer while I was at the stand and I have to say, I still don't really get it- wouldn't it just make your foundation darker? I will have to hunt out some reviews!)

Next is Mac's Make Up Application Lessons that are now available in their stand alone stores, these range from:
Express Makeup in 30 for £20 and Makeup in 60 for £30 (which both include a customised face chart) up to bridal, Theatrical and Mac Technique for £50.
Each appointment is with a Mac Pro Artist and needs to be booked in advance but the price of the session is redeemable against any products you choose to buy on the day.
They are also offering complimentary 'Just One Look' demonstration sessions that don't need an appointment where you have the chance to perfect a key look on your eyes, lips or skin. There is also a complimentary Lash Fitting service when you buy a pair of false lashes, where an artist will trim, fit and position your new lashes so they're perfect for you when you take them home.

I've always been familiar with asking an artist to apply a product for you to see how it works on your skin, and I think this is particularly helpful for foundation, but I'd never really considered a make up lesson. I think these would be really helpful if you've got a product or application technique you're struggling with or just want to perfect your look, as you're learning from a professional make up artist. I just hope they don't do the lessons out by counters with every one watching or it might draw a crowd!Lastly, the announcement of Benefit's Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer which claims to lock foundation like a magnet to the skin to ensure it stays perfect throughout the day. There isn't much information available yet on the Stay Flawless but it will be launched in July and will retail for £24.99.

I'm not too sure about this one- not sure if I like the idea of rubbing a stick all over my bare face but if it really does last 15 hours then maybe I could get on with it, it is a big claim! Theres also the fact that it costs double the price of my favourite foundation so looking forward to seeing some reviews and finding out how this product performs.

How are you feeling about this latest beauty news? Desperate to get your hands on a cream blush, 15 hr primer and pop to Mac for a lash fitting?


Review: George High Lite Stick in Angel Cake

Another item from my delve into George makeup, this is a sheer cream blusher in a stick that is also meant to act as a highlight.
For starters I really like the packaging, its quite simple and sleek and makes the product look a bit pricier than it actually is. The cap fits tightly and the sturdy plastic gives a nice weightiness to the stick.
This is an unusual peachy red that goes well with my light to medium skin tone but does have one pretty dreaded ingredient... glitter! (We'll come back to the glitter in a minute). To use the product you twist the cream up and swipe straight onto cheeks, I feel I need 2 or 3 swipes on each cheek to get a good colour, and despite having the word 'cake' in the name the cream goes on evenly and blends well with either fingers or a stippling brush.
I really have to praise this product for it's ease of use, it has a slightly powdery formula so doesn't look too glossy and unnatural on the cheeks, and the colour starts off sheer so theres no panicked layering of foundation to try and tone down an unexpected mental colour as I've experienced with other cream blushes.

The thing that really lets it down though is the amount of gold glitter in the product- it looks pretty on the stick but doesn't translate well on the face due to the size of the particles. I like a bit of shimmer on the eyes or the cheeks (I do draw the line at lips) but I feel abundant glitter on the face after about 14 years old should only be restricted to NYE. Because of the formula the more you buff at it the less visible the glitter is and it does become acceptable for post-14 daytime wear, but that also makes it a bit redundant as a highlighter!
Heavy swatch in sunlight / in the shade
Blended out with fingers and a stippling brush (tiny bit of powder highlighter on top)
Something I also should've mentioned is that at £5 this isn't one of Geroge's cheapest make up items and for the same I could buy an actually quite nice pair of George shoes.
I have been getting use out of the High Lite stick with another highlighter on top as I like the colour and its so quick and easy to apply but it does seem a bit silly to have to buff out what is meant to be its' main feature. Apart from the glitter issue it is a nice product and from another brand I probably would've been happy to pay £5 but given George's usual low price point it is a little on the steeper side.

The High Lite stick is also available in the shades Baby Doll which is a very light pink or Heartbreaker which is similar to Angel Cake but darker. If you'd like to try Angel Cake for yourself (maybe you really like glitter, I'm not judging you!) you can find it at the George section of Asda or from Asda Online.

Have you tried any items from the George make up range? How do you feel about glittery cheeks- fun and shiny, or a big no-go?


Kindle Fire HD Giveaway!

There is no doubt that Isabelle Thornton of Le Chateau des Fleurs is talented.  This French-girl-gone-Utah has a wildly popular blog full of interesting DIY posts, photography, giveaways, and great reviews.  Aside from being an awesome blogger, she also creates fun apps for phones.  Previously her "Make Me Skinny" or Bon Bon app has kept many entertained as they edited and adjusted photos on their iPhones, and now I'm excited to announce she's released an entirely new app!  This one is different, and for Android!
Let's face it, sometimes you spend more time with your smart phone than you do with your spouse, friends, coworkers, and family... You sleep with it, eat with it, and admit it-you take it to the bathroom with you!  With Smartphone DNA you are creating a new kind of experience with your Smartphone.

What is Smartphone DNA?  
Smartphone DNA is an app dedicated to Twitter users, and it allows you to collect your Twitter DNA via your Android phone, and then compare it against other twitter users to see how much you match!  This is a great way to locate new Twitter friends that have things in common with you! 
How it works
  1. Smartphone DNA shows you a list of apps you currently have installed.
  2. You select the apps you want to share as part of your DNA
  3. Smartphone DNA shows you how closely you match the DNA of other users.
  4. Smartphone DNA is 100% secure and controlled by you.
Win a Kindle Fire HD
To celebrate the release of Smartphone DNA, Isabelle is offering one lucky newsletter subscriber  a brand new Kindle Fire HD!  Can you say wow?  This is the reader of all readers-with a 7" full color HD display, exclusive Dolby audio, and ultra-fast WiFi it's top of the line.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to have one for yourself!  Follow the break to enter the giveaway:
Kindle Fire HD Giveaway Rules

Mandatory and Winning Entry will both be checked upon drawing the winner.

Open Worldwide to residents 18 and older. Void where prohibited by law.

Giveaway starts at 12AM on 4/10/13 and ends at 12AM on 4/30/13.

Winner will be chosen at random and will have 48 hours to reply or a new winner will be chosen.

Please read official Terms and Conditions in the Rafflecopter widget for full regulations.
(The Rafflecopter may take a while to load so please be patient to get your entries in!)

*Kindle provided by Isabelle of Le Chateau des Fleurs*


MUA Out There Plumping Lipgloss

MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss
As these glosses were on offer I decided to get six out of the 8 shades available, I picked a good mix of bluey and reddy pinks and am pretty pleased with all the colours and how they translate to the lips.
These glosses are a lot more pigmented than most, especially for a cheaper gloss but the shine does last longer than the colour which starts to disappear after around 2-3 hours. They aren't sticky which is brilliant because that's one of the things I hate about glosses but because they're quite thick theres still the risk of getting your hair stuck to your lips which is a bit of a pain!

Each colour contains MUA's 'Maxi Lip' plumping agents (from the ingredients I'm guessing maybe Vanillyl Butyl Ether and cinnamon) and I was pretty sceptical about whether it would do anything to the size of my lips as I have ELF's plumping gloss which doesn't do much and it's only the bee venom glosses which do make me swell up. I was really pleasantly surprised though as after having the gloss on for a few minutes my lips start to tingle, feel hot and definitely plump up around the edges. The feeling is like the heat you get on your lips from eating something spicy. Another good thing about these glosses is that while they plump they don't dry out my lips like a lot of lip products seem to do, although as you can see from the photos below the lighter colours do accentuate the fine lines a little.

Really the only bad thing I have to say about these glosses is the smell, its not horrible but makes me think of a mixture of plastic and cocoa powder which isn't that appetising, and a bit of mint or really any smell wouldn't have gone amiss.
MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss Swatches
Left to Right- Nude / Candy Pink / Peach Shimmer / Shocking Pink / Pink Sugar / Sienna

As you can probably tell I'm loving these glosses at the moment, if you're more of a pinky than reddy person like me I think you'll definitely appreciate the choice of shades. I went a little out of my comfort zone when picking Sienna as it looks very orange in the tube but on the lips is a bit more toned down and I'm sure I'll be getting a lot of wear out of it. The MUA Out There Plumping Lipgloss is available for £2 from MUA online or Superdrug.

Do you have any of these glosses? Which colour is your favourite?


Haul- MUA / Mac / Cosmo / Laurens Way

I've been a bit naughty and let loose with my bank card in the last few days so am fully expecting another call from the bank to give me a ticking off about not moving money round enough again, but nevermind! This time I wont care so much because I have some lovely goodies to show for it that I cant wait to try out, its only 9 days into the month and I've already bought most of my wishlist.. whoops!

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Deep / Lauren's Way Darker than Dark Bronzing Lotion / Olay Everyday Sunshine in Deep / Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge / MUA Undressed Palette & Undress Me Too / MUA Undress Your Skin Powder Highlighter / MUA E3 Blending Brush & F2 Stippling Brush / Mua Matte Perfect Primer / MUA Extreme Felt Liner in Black / MUA Power Pouts in Irreplaceable & Heart Broken / MUA Out There Plumping Gloss in Nude, Sienna, Peach Shimmer, Pink Sugar, Shocking Pink & Candy Pink /

I suppose this is more of an MUA haul than anything else (lots of things on sale!) but I did get a few little bits from other brands, the Mac MSF I'm excited to try out as a bronzer/contour colour and Lauren's Way is one of my favourite tans so I'm so pleased to use this again. There was a bit of postal drama as one of the packets split and postman was picking Power Pouts out of his post bag. A couple of bits had gone missing but I managed to pick them up from Superdrug so hopefully can get a refund, do you think the post men are all down the sorting office smothered in matte primer and plumping gloss??!

I had a no make up day today as my tan was developing so did some hand swatches but haven't tried out all of the goodies yet- I have tried the Out There glosses and love all the colours especially Nude and Sienna (the orange on the left), they also have quite a big plumping action on me and I could feel it in my lips more than I expected but I think that's a big plus especially as they were only £1 each (hence why I bought 6!).
The colours of the Power Pouts are also lovely although I didn't have them on for long, and I tried the highlighter just in the corners of my eyes to avoid disturbing my fake tan and it gave such a gorgeous glow I think it might look great on the lids as well as cheeks!
The two brushes are super soft and I'm looking forward to using them although I was a bit disappointed that the Stippling brush's handle was so long as I wanted a smallish one to put in my make up bag (another reason to get a new make up bag!), Ive also washed the Blend Perfection Sponge ready for trying out when I get my face on tomorrow.

I'm really pleased with my purchases and looking forward to trying them all out and writing some reviews, I still have a few bits from my last trip to Asda to write about so I'd better get typing!

Let me know if you have any of these products and what you think about them, or if youre planning a little haul yourself?


George Cheeky Tint in Pink Blossom

While perusing the aisles of Asda a couple of weeks ago there were a few things from George's make up range that caught my eye, one of which was their Cheeky Tint! (their exclamation mark not mine!) in no.2 Pink Blossom. This is a cheek and lip tint that comes in two shades, I chose the lightest of the two as I have a small bottle of Benefit's Benetint and the strong red colour doesn't suit me too well so wanted something a bit pinker.

The Cheeky Tint comes in a nail varnish style pink bottle (very shiny! I had a bit of trouble taking photos of it just in daylight) with a soft brush, the brush is nice on the cheeks but for the lips its a bit too soft to get a defined line at the edges so I use a lip brush to apply.
This tint is quite a lot lighter than Benefit's Benetint and has a colour and consistency a little closer to Posietint- a blue undertoned pink half way between a liquid and a cream. The forumulas are quite similar in the fact that if you buff at it too much then it just disappears and the Cheeky Tint is more sheer so needs two or three layers to get a good depth of colour. It blends out easily with fingers but Ive been dabbing on two or three dots at a time with the brush and then blending with my Real Techniques Kabuki.
Apart from the softness of the brush on the lips, I found there were a couple of other downsides to the product- I get a strange tingling on the lips as it dries which isn't uncomfortable but was a bit expected, it also takes quite a while to dry which can be annoying but at least doesn't dry my lips out when it's on. I found that as it's a tint rather than stain it does tend to fade after meals and throughout the day, my lips still look pink rather than red but it does need topping up for brightness.

Despite the downsides I think this tint looks really natural on the cheeks and lips, it gives a nice wash of colour that can also be built up but has that rosiness on the cheeks that makes you look like you have a bit of a glow. I think it looks a lot more natural than a powder as it blends with the texture of your foundation to look more like skin rather than just sitting on top.

George also do a Cheeky Tint in the colour Rose which is a bit darker and redder, and while at Asda I also picked up a cream highlighter and a blush stick from the range so will be writing out a couple of reviews for them soon.
George Cheeky Tint applied to lips with a lip brush and blended out on cheeks with a Real Techniques Kabuki. Taken with Iphone 4s, natural light.
The George Pink Blossom Cheeky Tint is available for £3.50 at Asda so if you're looking for an affordable alternative to the £24.50 Posietint then I think this is a great contender (you can also get it sent with your shopping if you do it online which is a little plus!).


April Wishlist

This month I've decided to actually make a realistic wishlist! While my previous lists haven't been full of mental Tom Ford/SUQQU/Sisley high end items they just werent really realistic for me, so this month Ive created a list with items that I actually have a chance of owning within the month!

1. Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge- Ive been in two minds about blending sponges but have recently decided that I really would like one in my life and this is meant to be just as good as the Beauty Blender but for quite a few pounds less! My face isnt really particularly small but I do find brushes can be a little larger than Id like on my cheeks so the pointed end of the sponge seems perfect, and the fact that you can use all sides would make it a great multitasker.

2. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Deep- I've been through a few bronzers recently and despite washing my brush after each use I still seem to get very blemishy along my contour lines. My usual Mac MSF in Light Medium isnt my favourite powder at the moment but the forumula has never given me any trouble so I thought Id try a darker MSF as a bronzer in the hope of not causing my skin more grief.

3. Lauren's Way Bronzing Lotion in Darker than Dark- This is one of my all time favourites and Im not too sure why I havent written a post on it yet. It gives a lovely deep colour and doesnt wear off too unevenly to leave me looking like some sort of scaly lizard as some do!

4. Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencils in Black & Flash- You can never have too many black eyeliners and my favourite of the moment has gone a bit hard and waxy on me so Im looking for another. These are meant to stay put even in the waterline which is perfect as I tend to go for waterproof pencils for their staying ability. Im also after a nice long wearing flesh coloured pencil for my waterline so am looking to see how the Flash colour performs (I wonder if thats a mispelling of 'Flesh' that caught on).

5. MUA Matte Perfect Primer- I took a look at the MUA website the other day and have gone a bit lust mad for all their products! This primer is meant to be very similar to Benefit's Porefessional with its silicone texture and skin tone colour. Im really looking for something for the centre of my face- across my nose and the middle of my cheeks, as my foundation always sinks into my pores quickly and needs reblending much more often than it should.

6 & 9. Barry M Dazzle Dust in Bronze and Gold Iridescent- Ive got a Dazzle Dust pot in Tan which is a nice pinky colour but not one I wear very often so more of a brown colour would be perfect. Im also looking for something shiny for my inner eye corners thats a bit less pink than what Im using at the moment so the Gold Iridescent would hopefully be the perfect thing.

7 & 8. MUA E3 Blending Brush and F2 Stippling Brush- Its always handy to have another blending brush when putting eyeshadow on and this little cheapy is meant to be pretty good, Im also looking for a smaller stippling brush for blush and to fit in my make up bag so hopefully this will do the job.

9. MUA Highlighting Powder- I can't say it wasnt partly the gorgeous pattern of the pressed powder that drew me to this product but Ive hit my pan on my Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow and feel like I want to try a powder as a bit of a change.

10. MUA Power Pout in Irreplaceable- It seems like lots of brands are bringing out Cilinique Chubby Stick style lip products at the moment, but for £3 I cant really sniff at MUA's offering- reviewed as just the right miz of lipstick and balm, the Power Pouts sound like just my kind of product as my Revlon Strawberry Shortcake lip butter is coming to the end and I love a pinky lip.

11. MUA Undress Me Too Palette- Im really town between this palette, the Undress Me palette and the Heaven and Earth Palette. They all have a good mixture of shimmery and matte neutral tones similar to UD's Naked and Naked 2 and are pretty pigmented which is great for the price and I find some of the cheaper shimmery eyeshadows tend to look a bit samey as they dont have much colour.

12. MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss in bascially every colour (told you Id gone MUA mad!)- My friend has a few of these and they look so gorgous, not so big on the plumping but very pigmented and not sticky which is one of my biggest hates in lipglosses. At the moment theyre on offer for £1, so seeing as theyre half price I can have twice as many right?

Whats on your April wishlist?


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation & Stay Matte Powder

While at the supermarket the other day I had a quick look at the make up stands and decided to get a few things Ive wanted to try for a while. I picked up the Wake Me Up foundation in 100 Ivory and 200 Soft Beige, Stay Matte powder in 001 Transparent, Sun Shimmer Bronzing powder in Medium Matte, and also repurchased the Stay Matte Concealer and Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer, both in 030 Classic Beige.

The Wake Me Up Foundation (£8.99) is very widely reviewed and even those who love high end foundations really rate this as one of their favourites. I was a bit disappointed with the shades range as there was only 3 colours in both the shops I looked in and I tend to be inbetween shades especially when my face is tanned. As you can see from the photo, there is a massive difference between 100 and 200, and I do have to mix them because on their own they're completely out for my face!
The first thing I noticed when I used the foundation was the overwhelming smell, I wondered why no one had mentioned this in their reviews, but after the second use it dissipated quite well and its now very bearable. I really like this foundation and its been the only Ive used since buying it, its more matte than my usual Healthy Mix and Healthy Mix Serum but that's what I was looking for as I'm battling a bit of shine at the moment. It does have little shimmer particles in which I wasn't expecting but its not too much, and does make my skin look awake without being too shiny. I'm quite pleased with the coverage as well even though I have to build it up in a couple of areas, it doesn't get too thick or cakey which I love.
My only gripe is that this, like the other Rimmel foundations that Ive tried, does oxidise a bit on my skin and occasionally needs reblending, but its not a massive issue so hasn't put my off the Wake Me Up.

I bought the Stay Matte Powder (£3.99) as my Mac MSF in Light Medium just wasn't cutting it anymore, but I'm still quite undecided on the this powder. It does keep me quite matte but only keeps my make up in place for a little while and when I wear it I feel like my face looks a bit flat. I bought the shade 001 transparent as powder colours can often be a bit off for my skin and it's the shade that the lovely Tanya Burr uses (and she always looks great!). I was expecting this powder to be a lot better than my MSF and unfortunately so far am a little disappointed but am sticking with it in the hope that I might change my mind.

The Sun Shimmer Bronzing Compact in Medium Matte (£4.49) that you can see in the photo above is a lovely deep colour but Ive been having trouble with bronzers breaking me out recently and unfortunately this one was no exception. Ive been through 2 or 3 by different brands over the last few months so I think its just my skin but would recommend it if you don't have a sensitivity like me as it took barely any effort to get a great depth of colour and blended out nicely.

While at the Rimmel stand I also had a look for the Wake Me Up concealer (as if 2 Rimmel concealers wasn't enough!) but unfortunately they didn't have it. They did though have the Wake Me Up Shimmer Touch in Shimmering Sand and Radiance Rose. I haven't heard much about these and on my hand couldnt really decide what I thought, so if you have any reviews I'd love to take a look!

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