Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Corrector Palette

Jillian Dempsey for Aven Professional Corrector Palette £10
This palette really has been a godsend when I was struck with a big breakout of ahem 'imperfections' recently. I've tried all manner of green tinged moisturisers/pastes in the past but none managed to counteract redness quite as well as the yellow in this palette. As you can tell, I only really use the yellow colour and I find it really amazing at covering up redness and signs of inflammation, under concealer the imperfection completely vanishes. Each of the colours is like a thick opaque concealer, they are slightly shiny in the pan but moisturising yet matte on the face and can be built up without going flaky.

The palette consists of- Lilac (adds a healthy glow), Pink (hides imperfections and dark circles), Apricot (brightens dullness and yellow complexion), and Yellow (counteracts redness). It does come with a brush but its quite scratchy and the product sticks the bristles together so I threw it away.
I've barely used the other colours and can't say I would ever have thought of buying something as orange as the apricot colour for my face. Others have said they use the pink as a highlighter which really shows how rubbish it is at hiding dark circles!

If you have red areas and imperfections then this palette would be great for you, it is available to buy for £10 at AvonShop, although I managed to pick up a brand new one on Ebay for 99p! (did I mention I love Ebay?).

Edit: I've just had a look on the Avon website and it seems they aren't selling this palette anymore in their current campaign! You can however pick up a new one on Ebay for between £5 and £10. If you have any suggestions of redness-counteracting products then I would love to hear them as Im pretty worried about the big pan shaped hole in my lovely yellow!


  1. I always wanted to try this when i saw it in the Avon book. Might have to look on ebay :) xx

  2. Hi Kirsty, I have this palette too, I don't reach for it much but will now, your post has reminded me I have it lol! Btw benefit does a very good little product called 'lemon aid' it is supposed to be used to even out redness on eyelids but I find it works brilliantly to cover any redness. It's just under £20 I think. Cool blog :)

  3. This palette looks great. I love my concealer from Benefit bo-ing. But would love to try this too as it has a range of colours/correctors


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