10 Of My Favourite Accessory DIYs

Every now and then it can be great to sit down and try your hand at something new, whether that's creating something out of base materials or taking an item you already own and adding a bit of personality to the piece. Accessories are a brilliant place to start if you're new to fashion DIYs (or just fancy a quick project) and I've put together 10 favourites to get your creative juices flowing!

Perfect for both summer and winter, flats are an all year round staple. But have you ever seen a pair as pretty as these? Click the link above for an easy and almost mess free DIY!

Hanging Chains Headband
Sometimes long hair needs a little jazzing up and this chain headband is brilliant for adding texture and interest to your locks.

Glitter Sole Shoes

Forget red soles, we want glitter soles! These are sure to turn heads (and use up that glitter hanging around at the back of your cupboard).

DIY Silver Leaf Temporary Tattoos

Metallic temporary tattoos are so popular right now, try this cool DIY before the weather cools down so much that we have to start covering up!

DIY Appliqué Headpiece

Make a classy statement with this easy headpiece project.

Got a plain clutch that needs jazzing up? Look no further than stick on glitter sheets!

With a little nod to Jason Pollock and a lot of splattery fun, you can have a unique designer-looking dress for a fraction of the price.

Winter in the UK is always a wet affair, but how cute would a fruity umbrella look on a grey day? These are easier to make than you think!

Give an old jumper a quick and fuss free makeover with this DIY.

Got a jumper that's too small? Transform it into an autumn cardigan with this brilliant tutorial.


Buy & Sell Discounted Vouchers With Zeek

I think it happens to many of us when we get given money for birthdays, special occasions or even a bonus at work that we say we'll hang onto it and save it for something special that we really want, but we actually end up spending it on transport, bills or even the boring weekly shop.

Having a brand- or shop-specific voucher can really help when it comes to making sure that we don't spend all our money on necessary but boring things and that we keep a little left over for ourselves. For that reason I think vouchers make better gifts than money in a lot of cases, and my sister has started asking only for vouchers at Christmas and her birthday because she knows she'll spend actual pounds on the boring stuff!

I was recently contacted by Zeek and asked if I'd like to try out their app which enables people to sell their unwanted vouchers so they can earn a bit of money and someone can buy a voucher with a bit of a discount.
Zeek is free for both iOS and Android and has a super simple interface- forget eBay or any other marketplace app you use, it would be easy even for a complete technophobe to understand how to use it. There's a large range of discounted vouchers on offer from Ticketmaster to Amazon and lots for fashion lovers like River Island, New Look and Urban Outfitters, as well as for beauty lovers like John Lewis and Boots. 

Zeek generously offered me a £50 discount code so I could properly try the app out and I went for an Amazon voucher as I thought it would offer quite a lot in the way of options when it came to spending the voucher. My voucher had a discount of 6%, but I have seen discounts of up to 27% which means you could end up with a real bargain!
All the vouchers have been verified as real by Zeek and you can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal once you've chosen one you'd like to purchase. The Amazon voucher I chose was an electronic voucher, so after checkout (which look literally less than a couple of minutes) the details appeared in my account almost immediately and I could start shopping right then!

I haven't had experience of using Zeek to sell a voucher but if it's anything as easy as buying then I'll definitely be putting a few unwanted gifts up for sale soon. Zeek charges £3 to the seller regardless of the voucher amount and buyers don't have pay to processing fees, even for postage.

If you'd like to check Zeek out you can download the app for iOS here and for Android here, plus if you use the code 2WFFFH Zeek will kindly add £5 to your account to spend on your first voucher purchase! I'll also receive £5 to my account too (think of that as a little gift from you to my sister!).

How do you feel about shop-specific vouchers, are you happy to receive them or would you rather just have the cash?
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