As of March 2013, an asterisk (*) next to a product, item or service's name denotes it has been received for review consideration, as a sample, or otherwise not purchased by me. As of August 2015, asterisks appear at the bottom of a post containing samples that have been sent for possible inclusion in my content.
Where there is no asterisk but an item has not been purchased by me, this will be explained in the text of the post. 

Although I aim to write about everything I am sent, products received are not guaranteed a positive review, and all product mentions are at my own discretion. All views and opinions remain my own, my reviews will always be honest.

All photos used on this blog have been taken by me, are promotional product images, or have been used under licence. If I have accidentally used one of your images please contact me and I will add a credit link or remove it according to your wishes.
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