Origins Clear Improvement Mask

My skin has always been oily and easily congested, but it's only in the last couple of years that I've found products that work with it to combat breakouts instead of working against it to make it dry or irritated. One of the products that my skin seems to love is Origins Clear Improvement Mask £23 which contains charcoal and white china clay to absorb dirt, oil and toxins, along with lecithin which dissolves impurities in the skin.

The dark grey mask feels creamy when applied and dries to a slightly chalky finish which washes off easily with water. Clear Improvement really cleans my pores and, from using it once or twice weekly, I've noticed a big reduction in breakouts and the annoying little bumps that oily skin is prone to.

Another benefit of the Origins Clear Improvement Mask is that the tube seems to be never ending! I first tried the product as a mini at Christmas time and it kept on going for around three months before the tube finally emptied and I knew I had to purchase the full 100ml size.

While some people think masks are gimmicky, I believe that when they're used regularly enough they can really improve skin of all types. If you're prone to roughness, congestion and breakouts I would highly recommend this mask for keeping oil and spots at bay. 

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