How Laser Hair Removal Treatment Works

Do you feel like your home is a war zone? Are you always fighting with your unwanted hair? What happens when you've tried waxing, shaving, and plucking and are just at the end of your tether? Then it might be time to see if you're a good candidate for laser hair removal. But first, there are some basics you should know about the process.

Why Hair Disappears for Longer Time Periods After Laser Treatment
When you shave or wax away your unwanted hair, you'll probably notice it starting to grow back after just a couple of days. In fact, most of us have been known to shave or wax at least once a week. That's why laser procedures can look like miracle fixes, since the hair might stay away for weeks. Sometimes it might not grow back at all, but why is that?

The answer is simple. Techniques like shaving only remove the hair that shows on top of your skin, but those hairs grow up from below the surface. Think of hair as being like a vegetable that grows out of the ground from a seed. You can chop off the plants, but the root systems are still intact underneath the soil. It's the same way with hair.

Luckily, laser devices have been designed that can target hair at the roots, also known as follicles. When those roots are damaged or destroyed, it discourages regrowth. It might take weeks for the follicles to repair themselves and start producing hair again, and some follicles may be permanently destroyed, preventing regrowth entirely.

Treatments Still Have to Be Repeated Sometimes
One thing to remember is that laser treatments often have to be repeated. In fact, they're usually done in a series of 3 to 5 treatments, which are spread out over several weeks. Once one set of treatments is over, you may not need another for a long time, but you probably will eventually, unless you just want to go back to shaving or waxing. So, you should consider those repeated costs before investing any time or money in laser hair removal treatments.

If They Are So Good, Why Doesn't Everyone Have them?
There are a couple of reasons why not everyone has laser hair removal treatments done. As just mentioned, money can be a factor. The costs of the repeated treatments can add up, and not everyone has the funds to keep up with that.

That being said, the bigger reason that not everyone is a good candidate is that most average laser devices are designed to target hairs by looking for dark spots against light skin. Not everyone has light skin, and not everyone has dark hair either. If you are lucky enough to have both, you are the ideal candidate for the procedure. If not, you aren't totally out of luck, but you may have a harder time finding a clinic with a custom laser capable of treating someone with your hair and skin tones.

Even if you aren't what is considered the ideal candidate, you still might want to look into laser treatment for your unwanted hair. After all, in the long run it can save you a lot of time and fuss.

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