March Wishlist

March Wish List 2012
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1. Revlon Lip Butters- I really dont need to tell you about these as they have been eagerly anticipated here in the UK. On the Boots website there are 14 different colours and I am having a lot of trouble choosing! At £7.99 I dont think these are actually that cheap, I dont wear lip colours enough to need expensive products and at nearly £10 each I dont think I could afford the whole collection!

2. Benefit Hervana- launched recently, this is the newest blush offering from Benefit featuring berry, rose, peach and shell colours this is a colour we may not be used to seeing from blushes. I was a little sceptical about the purpley shades but Ive read reviews saying it looks very natural so now I cant wait to try it!

3. Opi Nail Envy- my nails are very thin and flaky, polish tends to chip almost as soon as I get it on and then either flakes off the top layer of my nail or makes them bend til they break. This polish is designed to make nails grow longer and stronger, its not a new product but Ive heard many good things about it.

4. Vita Liberata Rich Silken Chocolate tan- if you read my previous post about a recent Vita Liberata tanning set purchase then you will know I love this tan! Unfortunately the bottle didnt last long (due to my over-loving) and I am resorting to using the face tan on my body to avoid looking milky white. The packaging and formula has changed since I received my set and they are now 80% organic.

5. 17 Spring Fling Palette in Spring Brights- on sales for £5.99 in boots this cute palette is part of a limited edition spring collection from 17. Honestly it was more the cuteness of the packaging and product that made me want this rather than the fact I need these colours! I have read they are quite sheer which is perfect for spring/summer.

6. ELF Large Brush Holder 7. ELF Small Brush Holder- I was looking around for something like this and came upon what I thought would be the perfect solution to my three jar mess (read: brush holders). The large holder sells at £12.50 while the smaller one is £5, I really need at least one of each but I think Ill wait before purchasing to see if I find anything else as nice.

What products are you lusting over this month?

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