ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

I find ELF products really hit and miss but I keep persuading myself to try new products because theyre only £1.50/£3.50 and its not that much to spare. My favourite, and the only one that Ive actually repurchased, is the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen.
The packaging of this pen is pretty simple, a nice shiny pen with a slightly curved design, some writing telling you what it is and a clicky lid.
The pen itself is made out of fibres much like a felt tip pen and they make it easier to apply eyeliner than the usual liquid, which can be a pain to have to dip the brush into the pot every few seconds. I also find another advantage of the pen is being able to make thin or thicker lines, with traditional liquid eyeliner I always found this really hard to do and the liquid was always so cold it made me blink and smudge everything!

In addition to being a much easier alternative to normal liquid eyeliner, this pen is also waterproof and long wearing- Ive actually slept in this eyeliner and woken up with it looking still perfect in the morning.
I use this mainly when Im going out to give the 'falsh lash effect' and fill the gap I sometimes get between my normal eyeliner and lashes that makes them look sparse. I also like using this as a main eyeliner aswell, usually for more natural looks.

What are your favourite ELF products and why?


  1. I haven't tried any Elf products yet, but I think I should, cause I read so many great reviews about them. The eyeliner looks OK too. Thx for your review.
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  2. I havn't tried any either, probs cos they are not as accessible here in Australia and def not as cheap! I love the pen eyeliners so easy to use and I use them for nail art too sometimes!

  3. Liner loosk pretty good! Have you seen my reviews on ELF products on my blog? Following you back.. www.absolutleybeautiful.blogspot.com xxx

  4. This lookks pretty good! With the price tag deffo should give this a try! xx

  5. I really like ELF Products...they are affordable, and you can find some great products.

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