Shop the Jewellery Trend: Chunky Chains

From the catwalks to the highstreet, chunky chains have been trending for at least the last 5 years- it was only yesterday that I came across an article detailing how they'd be the 'next big thing' for A/W 09- and with S/S 14 already upon us the fashion is in no danger of dying down. Big metal links are currently in demand not only on the highstreet but in boutique fine jewellers, and I witnessed the sale of a solid gold chunky curb chain last week for an eye watering £4000. Not all of us (in fact probably not many of us) have the chance to drop that amount of cash on one item, and the pieces above have price tags that are a little bit more thrifty!There are so many ways to wear this trend- from necklaces and bracelets to even earrings in gold, silver, rose gold and gunmetal colours. Theres also the option to choose between smooth or textured links, and there's so many types of chain from curb to belcher to box to herringbone. New Look is particularly stocked up with metal chains at the moment, and a lot of styles are available in both silver and gold which means picking your favourite (or 3!) shouldn't be too difficult. 
If you're not sure how to style your new purchases, take a look at this Pinterest board for ideas on how to work them into your outfits. Knowing England I can guarantee that we'll be seeing bikinis and bling on the beaches as soon as the sun comes out!

1. Gold Textured Link Chain Bracelet £5.99 - New Look
2. Jules Smith Knight's Armor Chain Bib Necklace £32.33 - Neiman Marcus
3. Nakamol Draped Golden Multi-Rope Earrings £15.85 - Neiman Marcus
4. Open Filigree Hoop Earrings £44.95 - Love Jewellery
5. Bad Girl Cuff $13 - Princess P Jewelry
6. Premium Chain Stone Bracelet £15 - Topshop
7. Limited Mesh Chunky Chain Necklace £14.99 - New Look
8. Gold Layered Slinky Chain Necklace £7.99 - New Look
9. "Brooke-Lynn" Rose Gold Pave Chain Bracelet $78 - Princess P Jewelry
10. Miquella Atomic Necklace £199 - Cadenzza
11. Premium Multi Row Flower Necklace £22.50 - Topshop
12. Gold Square Chunky Chain Necklace £9.99 - New Look
13. Multi Crystals Decor Chain Earrings £5 - Rings and Tings

What do you think of the chunky chain jewellery trend, will you be rocking some metal this spring?


  1. I tried to leave a comment earlier but it kept crashing and just wouldn't publish so fingers crossed this one works haha...I really loved this post, I love statement necklaces so much! so pleased to hear they're not going anywhere, I love how they can completely change an outfit :) I particularly like 11 and 12 :)
    Love Holly x

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