Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Rose Petal

I have a bit of a thing about light pink/nude coloured lipsticks and when I saw this in Boots for £1.99 I thought I might as well give it a try.
The packaging is pretty classic Natural Collection- nothing fancy or expensive looking here but it does its job so I can't complain. The colour I find quite hard to describe- in some lights it looks pinky and in others it looks peachy but in sunlight it is a cute light pink not that dessimilar to Topshop's Pillow Talk. On the lips this product starts off nice and shiny but does dry to more of a matte finish so balm or gloss is definitely needed. When Im tanned I feel that my face can't really take a full on coat of this colour as it is quite light and makes me look a bit like one of those orange Gypsy Wedding girls with some sort of concealer coloured lipstick! So I push it into my lips with my finger and it looks a lot more subtle. When Im not so tanned this colour suits me perfectly and looks like I've made a bit of an effort but definitely not over done.

For £1.99 I really cant complain too much about the formula and I think I'll definitely get some wear out of this shade. I do prefer matte-ish finish lipsticks as I tend to rub my lips together quite a lot and they get a strange lipstick line below the cupid's bow. I must say I liked this a lot more than my other recent nude purchase of ELF's Natural Nymph- I found that far too pale and drying for my winter lips. If you're darker skinned this colour may not be the best for you but definitely if youre paler and enjoy a light pinky lip.

Have you tried this or any other shades from this range?

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  1. That's a really nice colour. I'm such a sucker for lipstick right now and at £1.99 I think I may treat myself to some now :)



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