January Carmine Box


Eldora False Eyelashes
Balance Me Radiance Face Oil
Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser
Westlab Himalayan Bath Salts
Eyeko Fat Eye Stick

I've gotta say this box wasnt really to my taste, I may leave Carmine for a while and possibly nip over to the Feel Unique box. The Korres moisturiser is really nice, but its such a small tube Ive just been using it on my lips to combat the winter dryness. I'm not into putting oil on my face and I much prefer a shower to a bath so those two products are a bit redundant for me. I do like the eyelashes, theyre not exactly subtle but Im sure i'll get a few uses out of them for special occassions. The Eyeko stick is a nice product, the silver is quite cold and frosty so i've been using it round the tear duct and under the eyes to add a bit of brightness, but would've much preferred a warmer gold shade.

Not the most positive post from me today! You realise when you sign up for beauty boxes that you're putting the samples in the hands of the gods and might end up with something you'd never use- unfortunately this has happened a lot for me! Maybe I'll just save the pounds and buy something I really want, we shall have to see for next month!


What's your favourite beauty box?

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