My Week In Pictures

Ive only recently discovered Instagram after having an iPhone for like 2 years (have I been living under a rock??) and Ive fallen in love with it so these are a few snaps from my week.

Me looking daft with my dad at my sister's superheroes and supervillians party (he's from the matrix/MIB and I'm the Black Canary) excuse the random bit of fringe!, # sexy black wedges in New Look that I couldn't buy as even the size 5s were slipping off my feet, # really lovely snake ring- it has red jewels for eyes, # Vita Liberata rich silken chocolate/24ct shimmer set- my new favourite tan and review coming soon!, # my work phone- possibly the worst rip off of a blackberry you've ever seen with stupid lack of features, an impossible keyboard and a charger that only works when its taped to the phone grrr!, # the birthday card I made for my sister, # moving dinosaurs at Paradise Park, #  shoes I have been lusting over soo much this week- I don't know who they're by or where to get them but I bet they cost an absolute bomb! I am lusting nonetheless.


  1. Loving the snake ring ! xx / @ClayAndBeauty

  2. Love the ring :) The New Look shoes are really nice shame they didn't fit x


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