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In ancient mythology the serpent represents transformation and force of life, and we still use the snake as a symbol of healing in the Rod of Asclepius emblem which denotes medicine and healthcare. Whether you have Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) or a love for the scaly creatures, you can't deny they're one of the most curious looking creatures in our world.

I've always thought of the snake as a symbol of strength and protection- to wear jewellery depicting a snake gives me hope that I'll have the poise and purpose that snakes possess even in the face of danger or uncertainty. 
But underneath mythology and symbolism there lies a beautiful reptile, and sometimes we don't need metaphors to uncover the beauty in natural forms. From a wrist cuff to a finger wrapping ring, a snake makes a captivating statement, and is the perfect outfit embellishment to shine in the summer sun.

Shown above: Persis wrist cuff (£7.50), Cobra ring (£6.50), Serpentine drop earrings (£5), Xanthe two finger ring (£8.50)

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