Pantone Radiant Orchid Inspiration

Pantone's Colour of the Year 2014 has received an explosion of interest compared to previous years, with the evocative purple popping up in fashion, beauty and even food. Beautiful Radiant Orchid themed wedding photos have surged onto Pinterest and beyond, cementing the nuptial-worthy shade as one of the most captivating trends of the year so far.
But what is it about Radiant Orchid that makes the colour so compelling? Is it that it 'emanates great joy, love and health' as Pantone claims, or maybe that it offers an edgier alternative to a traditional feminine bright pink? Whatever your reasons for loving the shade of the moment, the exotic purple is easy to work into your wardrobe and home. 

Radiant Orchid pairs well with blue, so try incorporating the shade into your shoe collection to wear with denim jeans, or invest in a bright purple bag for a pop of colour against pastel summer dresses. While not many of us have the bright blonde hair required for a full purple dye, hair chalks make it easy to achieve a relatively radiant dip dye or streak effect.

Radiant Orchid enlivens the skin and suits many tones with its warm and cool undertones, so is a beautiful shade for lips, eyes and subtle blush, or try working the colour into your manicure for a less scary way to keep on trend.
Finally, incorporate Radiant Orchid into your home by using accessories such as throws, cushions and curtains to liven up a neutral palette, or pair with red, blue or green to enliven your space. And if you're feeling really creative why not bake in colour and try this Purple Ombre Mini Cakes recipe from Glorious Treats?

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