Reduce Hair Removal Woes with RazorPit and Epicare

Hair removal is one of those things that you either love or loathe- for those who love it their skin reacts well to having hairs yanked out or sliced off and aftercare can be kept to a minimum, but those who loathe it can be left with irritation, rashes, ingrown hairs and the bitter taste of razor-resentment. Despite being a loather I still want to look and feel like a smooth shiny slippery seal (ok maybe not so slippery) and I wanted to share with you a couple of products in my hair removal arsenal which make the task that much easier to bare.

RazorPit Bump Foam* is quite simply a shaving foam that 'prevents razor bumps'. Presented in a unisex bottle with colours that slightly remind me of hospitals, it dispenses out as more of an airy lather than the whipped-cream-style shaving foam that might've entered your mind. This product can be used all over the body and it's main irritation fighting ingredients are antiseptics, notably Alcohol and Chlorhexidine. I have to admit I was quite sceptical when trying this, but from the first use I noticed changes for the better, especially on my legs. Where there used to be red bumps, itchiness and ingrown hair I just had smooth irritation-free skin, and it works equally as well under the arms although a little bit less so on the lady area. I think with coarser hair there comes the potential for irritation from the act of shaving as well as from trapped bacteria, but even though I still get a bit irritated I'm pleased to report that since starting the Bump Foam I haven't had one ingrown hair around the bikini line.
The antiseptic ingredients in the foam also keep your razor blades free from bacteria so you're not transferring it to your skin, which is something I'd never thought about and I find I can get a greater amount of comfortable shaves from one blade than I could before. Despite the alcohol content of the product I've had very minimal dryness and only on my legs, which has been nothing a couple of drops of body oil couldn't sort out in a flash. While the Bump Foam doesn't make hair removal any less of a physical chore, it definitely makes shaving and the after effects much more comfortable and bearable, plus one bottle will last you ages!
The RazorPit Bump Foam is available from Look Fantastic for £11.95.
Moving away from the body to the face, longer or thicker than normal hair can be embarrassing and a pain to remove. I would describe mine as half way between peach fuzz and wild wolf woman, and I've tried everything from creams to wax, all of which leave me sore and spotty. You might have seen me talk about the Epicare* wand before, but it definitely deserves another mention for being an ingenious product and budget friendly too. This is essentially a spring with calculated tensions and coils that mean when its bent into a U shape and rolled against the skin it pulls out all unwomanly hairs and leaves you with a lovely soft smooth face. It does hurt but its much less than waxing, and you get used to the feeling pretty quickly. It's also really easy as the only preparation you need is to have clean skin and a mirror handy, I use my Epicare while I'm watching TV and it doesn't take long to do my cheeks and chin as it doesn't really require much skill or concentration once you get the hang of it.
The wands are available in 8 colours, and theres a choice of 2 colours for the Epipouch, I went for pink and blue as I think beauty products could always use a bit of jazzing up and the pouch helps to protect the Epicare from dust or damage (and curious feline friends!). I find that as long as I keep the spring clean it doesn't cause me much in the way of irritation at all except a bit of redness which subsides within about 20 minutes. This easy threading/epilating device needs to be replaced about once a year, which definitely makes it the most cost effective way I've found to remove unwanted facial hair.
The Epicare is available online for £10.95 with the Epipouch costing £3.95


  1. I'm really intrigued by the Bump Foam! To be a bit gross, I have really bumpy pits, which drive me mad, I will give this a go and see if it helps! Useful review, thank you! :)
    Carrie xx


    1. I think the pits are the most annoying place to get irritated as they're pretty much at eye level! Would be really interesting to see if you get good results too x

  2. Ah the coil spring looks and sounds so painful... I'm such a wuss with pain :/ xxx

    1. I find it less painful than waxing as you don't pull any skin off along with the hair (ew), plus you get used to it like with eyebrow plucking so you don't really feel it after a while! x


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