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I haven't updated my skincare routine since September and that's because on the whole I'm still using mainly the same products, but there have been a few new additions over the last few months and I thought it was about time they got a mention! A new product I've also been loving but haven't mentioned here is the Rhassoul Clay Powder that I wrote about recently, which is definitely worth a purchase if you're all blemished and oily-nosed like me (don't I sound a treat!).

Champneys Spa Accessories Muslin Cloths £5
I really thought that muslin cloths were muslin cloths until I bought these, but they're definitely the best quality out of all the brands I've tried. These are 2 ply and 100% cotton with one smooth side and one triangular embossed side for slightly firmer exfoliation. Against other cloths I've used, it's like comparing your to your net curtains - they're softer, thicker and more durable, plus they don't stain like mad after just a couple of uses. These cloths come in a pack of two and are a really generous size (literally about 4 times the size of my face) which I find makes cleanser removal quicker, and even though they're pricier than other face cloths you can really see why as soon as you take them out of the packet.

Origins Make A Difference+ Rejuvenating Treatment £34.99
This is probably the priciest skincare product I own but I've been using it regularly for 6 months and I have about a third left of the 50ml, so this gel moisturiser has really worked hard for my money. The gel consistency means I only need a small amount for my oily skin but it sinks in really quickly and leaves almost a matte finish with no greasy residue. This is one of those products where I can't quite put my finger on a particular ingredient or even a particular job it does but I just know it makes my skin look so much better- it's brilliant for blemishes and seems to completely move them past the dry stage without a flake in sight, it smooths and softens any dehydrated areas while freshening my complexion without making me oily, and it just generally makes my skin look so much healthier too. This treatment contains Rose of Jericho, Lycee and Watermelon, and is a must-try if you have blemished oily but dehydrated skin.
I've also been trying out the Super Spot Remover from Origins but despite glowing reviews from others I don't think I'm a massive fan, Witch Hazel Gel works just the same (if not better) for me and it's less than a third of the Origins £14 price tag.

Skin Doctors T Zone Control No More Pores Night Refiner* £23.95
I was sent the T Zone Control range to review and this night cream is definitely my favourite of the lot. This is almost like an overnight mask as it contains Salicylic, Glycolic and Lactic acid to help remove oil and dead skin cells that can block pores and make the complexion look dull. While I haven't seen a big reduction in size of my large pores, I have noticed that this product helps to clear marks left by blemishes, make the skin brighter and smooth it out by reducing congestion and little bumps.
The water based Night Refiner is much richer and more emolient than I would expect from a product for oily skin so only a small amount of the thick white cream is needed each night, and its a definite must to avoid active blemishes and sensitive areas as the acids in the cream can sting on open skin. Overnight masks (or 'sleeping masks') are popular in Asian countries but we don't seem to get so many in the UK, which is a shame because this product works so well for me and I find it more convenient and effective than one time acid masks or home peels. To me both the packaging and the scents of the T Zone Control range suggest that it's aimed at a unisex market, so this would also make a brilliant gift for an oily skinned boyfriend or husband to add to their skincare routine.

Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser £5.30
I tend to have more than one cleanser on the go as I wash my face first thing in the morning then double cleanse at night, and this has been such a welcome affordable addition to my routine. First sent as a PR sample and then repurchased, you can tell I really like this gel as there's barely anything left in the bottle! It has a tangy uplifting scent and foams like a traditional wash to remove dirt, grime and oil.
This product contains 2% Glycolic Acid which really helps to smooth out the skin texture, clear blemishes and fade dark marks, and I can really tell the difference in my skin if I take a break from using this to try something else. It doesn't tingle or sting but does its job quite inconspicuously (and does more than I would actually expect from a cleanser). I'm also on my second bottle of the Nip+Fab Pigmentation Fix Skin Stone Corrector Serum (£15.99), which sinks in so easily and helps to fade blemish scars and dark marks. For a generally affordable brand Nip+Fab have some helpful skin 'fixes' that I now wouldn't be without in my routine!

Have you added any new products into your skincare routine recently?

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