June Favourites

So here we are again, another blogging month over and time to look back over the last 4 weeks to see what I've been loving the most during June. My skin and it's congestion problems rage on for another month, still not sure what caused/is causing it so have been trying to wear make up a little bit less, but for a cosmetics lover that's no easy task!

CCUK Totally Waterproof ++ Mascara £0.99- I love the wand on this mascara: it has densely packed but short bristles meaning its great for lengthening the lash ends without getting annoying little lumps and also great for layering on top of another mascara to unstick and fan the lashes out. It's waterproof (as the name suggests) and has a good thick formula so my wispy lashes don't look like they're going to fly away! I quite like Constance Carroll as a brand generally so it's always great to pick up a well performing bargain.

Arbonne FC5 Hydrating Cleanser & Freshener* £20- As well as being slightly oily and blemish prone, my skin is also prone to dryness (oh the fun of combination skin!) so trying to sort out my poor pores this month has left me with dry patches especially on my chin. I've been loving using this cleanser in the morning to remove last night's treatments while adding a bit of hydration for the day ahead. It has quite a zingy fragrance that wakes me up and also refreshes my skin while cleaning it.

Superfacialist by Una Brennan Tea Flower Pore Purifying Clay Mask £8.99- This mask leaves my face looking and feeling completely clean, oil free and much smoother. It has a creamy texture that dries on the skin but doesn't flake off or dry me out at all (in fact I find it quite helpful for flaky areas) so doesn't leave me with that tight feeling. It contains Avocado, Acacia Honey and Salicylic Acid which all help to rebalance the skin and although I've only been using it for a few weeks I can already see improvements which will hopefully continue with longer use. I've also been dabbing it on deep painful cysts overnight and it brings them to the surface by morning which is a miracle for me and makes them heal so much quicker. The only downside is the strong smell, which did take some getting used to. 

Nspa Beauty Balm £6- I've been getting quite into Nspa recently and this BB Cream gives me lovely healthy looking skin with a glow and is a perfect match with a layer of self tan. You can read my full review of the product for London Beauty Queen here.

George Quick Dry Nail Varnish in Gambler £1.75- Something else from Asda, the Quick Dry varnish is just as good as Rimmel's 60 Seconds but for less than half the price. It's opaque with just one coat (more than I can say for a lot of more expensive polishes!) and I'm loving this deep bluey metallic magenta, which is really my signature nail colour. The wear time is a day or two on my thin nails but because it dries so quickly I don't mind doing touch ups. They do quite a big range of shades so I'll be stocking up on more with my shop this week!

Washi Hot Cloths* £6.25 for 7- I've had these cloths on rotation for a while and this is the last to come out of the packaging. I find them softer but more effective that normal muslin cloths, leaving my skin feeling smooth and clean after cleansing.

Natural Collection Cover Up Cream in Fair £1.99- I used to use this alllll the time and have come back to it recently. It's not the most opaque coverage ever but can be built up and dries down unlike a lot of the other concealers I have so won't crease, sink in or budge. I also never had smudging from my mascara until I stopped using this concealer, but it's never too orange or too light for me so I can come back to it whatever state of tan I'm in. A really annoying thing about the packaging though is that the lettering rubs off and smudges around like the Collection concealers (although at least the print on this is light).

Urban Decay X Eyeshadow £14 - I've been wearing this almost constantly with black top liner and orangey gold bottom liner since someone told me it made my eyes look very white (obviously I took this as a big compliment). X is a peachy pink with yellowy gold shimmer and is one of those colours that changes in different lights. It looks lovely alongside a range of other colours, I prefer pinks and browns, and has all the pigmentation and softness of a normal UD shadow.

Touch In SOL Let Me Ask You More Flush Lipgloss in Milky Pink* £7.70- This looks a bit scary and glittery in the tube but is so so glossy and wet looking on the lips that I've been loving this on it's own or over just everything. The colour doesn't really translate onto my lips but that doesn't matter when they're looking full and glistening. It's light, non-sticky and the blurb on the packaging says 'everybody feels magical attraction from your lips', whats not to love about that?!

I've given up on monthly wishlists for a while, I never really stick to them and sometimes the same things are on there for ages so there's no point doing them for the sake of it. I think I'll probably start doing them every few months instead, with things I've really thought about and actually plan to buy rather than just like the look of!

What have been your favourites from the last month?


  1. I love the George @ Asda Nail Polishes. I picked up a silver glitter and its just great and an absolute bargain! Plus theres nothing better than being able to pick up beauty products while doing your food shopping!

    Check out my MAC Giveaway.
    Sarah x

    1. Exactly but I always get so distracted when Im trying to buy food! x

  2. The Arbonne Cleanser sounds like something I would love. x

    1. Hey!
      I use the Arbonne Cleanser! its amazing!

      here is the website I ordered under!
      all I had to do was enter this Consultant Referral ID when I bought it :)

      ID Number: 44001801
      Hope you enjoy it! I love the stuff :D

  3. Tea Flower deep clean looks like it's going into my book of must buys.
    Loveeely post!

    1. It is great, one of my favourite products at the moment x


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