Hello Again! It's been a while...

Hello again everyone!

Ive taken quite a break from blogging lately due to illness, unfortunately the illness is still with me but Ive decided to start blogging again! I've been wearing makeup a lot more recently and have been working on some new posts and reviews, Ive got some interesting new products Ive discovered and am very excited to be announcing a giveway soon.
Im working on a few bits of the layout of the blog and the header, so sorry if everything goes wonky for a bit!

If youre not already Id love it if you followed me on Instagram, theres a widget to the right and you can find me at @taupeandpearl. I post a lot of photos of my kittens (well cats now!) but I do have a few of me hiding in there amonst the fur and filters.

And finally if any of you ladies are also living with illness, stay strong and Id love to hear from you.


  1. welcome back to blogging! looking forward to reading your new posts! x

    1. Thanks :) Should be getting some up over the next few days! x

  2. I'm sorry you're currently living with an illness. I hope you can stay upbeat and feel better soon.


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