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Epicare Red
 The Epicare in Red

If, like me, you're blessed with hereditary face-fuzz you will have tried waxing, depilatory creams, sugaring and any other manner of fuzz removal you can think of. I don't have particularly sensitive skin but have reacted to all the above with redness, soreness, dryness and usually an angry and widespread breakout.
The Epicare has been available since 1999, but I think its one of the least known facial hair removal products and I don't see it mentioned very often. The Epicare Wand is in essence a long, tight spring with a rubber handle at either end, it is based on the technique of threading and requires no batteries, cables, heat or really any skill either! Its also one of the least expensive ways to remove facial hair- for me a wax a local salon every 4 weeks (although id probably need it more often) would cost about £240 a year.

This method of hair removal is really simple:

Hold the Epicare by the handles
Bend the spring to make an inverted U shape
Place spring against your fuzzy face and roll the handles in between your fingers
The spring catches the hairs and pulls them out while you roll!

The Epicare Wand
The 'Inverted U' (look at those kitten scratches!)

Im not going to lie this method does hurt, however its much less painful than waxing and you get used to the feeling very quickly. The wand can be used on the cheek, chin and upper lip, I've also used it down my neck and very very carefully along my forehead in a thinner U shape to get into tight spaces (although Epicare advise against this). Unfortunately I've never been able to get it to work for my upper lip, maybe the hairs are too short here but this is the only place I still use cream.

Having tried quite a reasonable amount of other methods I've found this the easiest and least problematic, it's definitely my favourite and this is why:

Buy once, use for years / easy to clean (just pull outwards on the handles to release trapped hair) / no preparation/ no mess / doesn't damage the skin / very little pain or irritation / no need to wait before going over the same area or using again / range of colours!

Ive had my epicare for about a year and it still works the same as it did when it was new, sometimes I'll give it a wipe if it gets make up or moisturiser on it but apart from that its pretty maintenance free. My only gripe is that it doesn't work for me on very short hairs, such as upper lip mentioned above, but generally the shortest are the least noticeable anyway.

The Epicare Wand is available from Epicare UK for £9.95


  1. Thanks for the review, Kirsty! I've never even seen this product before! It seems painful but I guess when you think about having hot wax poured onto your upper lip (my usual method) and then ripped off...that doesn't sound too delightful either! :) What cream do you use on your upper lip? I'm looking for something besides going to a salon and getting it waxed after hearing all the horror stories about double-dipping (don't want wax on my face that was just on someone's hoo-hoo)! :)

    1. I only heard about it a year or so ago, it seems a lot of women dont want to talk about their facial hair (cant think why) haha. Yeh the ripping off definitely isn't delightful! I just use the nair for all hair types with a pink veet spatula, it says to test the area after 6 mins but I never leave it on more than 4 and it does the job perfectly. No that is a horrible thought!!

    2. I'm definitely going to try the Nair for the lip! Thank you! And LOL - yes, i have no idea why more ladies aren't talking up their facial hair! ;-)

  2. sounds like such a simple yet great tool xx

    1. Its so easy to use! Thanks for stopping by my blog x

  3. Haven't seen anything like this before, must give it a go. Can NOT bring myself to put a razor near my face. At least not until my dad teaches me. Sob sob sob.

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