Fraulein 38 88 Colours Rock n Fun Eyeshadow Palette


 So I already posted about my Fraulein concealer palette which I love and have been using every time I wear make up. At the same time I also bought this eyeshadow palette, which is called 'Rock n Fun', unusual name!
Fraulein do a lot of really bright and gorgeous colour palettes but most colours I just would never get wear out of so I went for these lovely neutral colours. There are 52 matte and 36 shimmer which is perfect for me as I love a good shimmer especially when the sun is out!
The shadows come in a slim and professional case, with a mirror in the lid (still havent taken the plastic off) and two foam applicators (still havent thrown these away). The shadow pans are quite small but you get so many colours theres loads of others to choose from if one starts to get a bit low. The sticker on the back of the palette says 'An ensemble of multiple vibrant wearable eyeshadow colours for beautiful ladies to create more than 10,000 chic looks', 10,000 is stretching it a bit far but I think thats some really cute text.
These shadows are very pigmented and stay put for a long time. I use quite a bit of foundation on my eyelids to even the colour out and some shadows crease quite badly but these dont crease at all and were still nice and smooth when I came to take my make up off.

If youre looking for a good quality neutral palette then this should definitely be one of the contenders on your list, and as Fraulein states it is 'suitable for party or daily use' haha. You can but it here for 15.99€ or I bought it here for £12.99.

What are your fauvourite Fraulein 38 products?


  1. This look AMAZING! I do love neutral palettes! xx


  2. This sounds great :) I always just stick to my Elf palette but they always crease, so I'm trying to find shadows that don't - I might have found it!



  3. Wow, what a gorgeous palette! I think this would be great for everyday use. Thanks so much for the review. x

  4. Such a beautiful palette! I have seen many of these before and always thought about trying one out! Now I have seen you review these colours I may have to purchase some! Also, you know this also means that I'm gonna have to follow you on bloglovin!


    oh by the way, im doing a competition, would love it if you can join and enter xxx

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