Hair Tool Storage With The Polder Style Station

While I'm not the most organised of people I do like everything in its place, and the floor is definitely not the place for storing hair styling tools. The tangled bundle of wires not only offended my eyes but also confuddled me, and I was forever plugging in my laptop and wondering why my straighteners weren't heating up.
After some searching on Pinterest and Google (and dismissing some very overpriced pieces of metal), I found the perfect way to store my hairdryer and brush- a 5 Hook Over-Draw (or door) Hanger that works a treat and was only £2.48 including p&p! It has more hooks than I have things to hang, but it's definitely always better to have too many than too little in my opinion.
When searching for a holder for my other tools I had some trouble, the few products that looked they would do the job weren't available in England, and any of them that were were far too expensive. I finally happened upon the answer to my prayers- the Polder Style Station (£19.99) (they also do a Mini £16.99) available exclusively from Lakeland, with silicone pads and stainless steel mesh that means you can put your hot tools away straight after use.
The Style Station has three round compartments with the largest big enough to store a hairdryer, but I've also found it perfect for my Babyliss Curl Secret. In the other two I keep my Remington straighteners and Braun straighteners (review here). At the back there's a large hook (supposedly for hanging the holder from a towel rail), a hole for wall mounting and a section for storing the cables. I've found this section too small for storing the cables of all three tools and have instead been winding my Braun stylers wire and securing the loop with Velcro for easy access. Luckily though the wire pocket makes a great place for my Yogi Heat Proof Glove!

I keep the holder next to my plugs and I think it looks really attractive and neat as well as actually doing the job of housing my hair styling tools and cables. I knew there were over-door hooks available but I wasn't really sure if anything actually existed that would be suitable for the rest of my tools, so I'm so pleased to have found the Style Station as I've finally put my storage and messy wire woes to rest! 


  1. Ooh that Style Station seems like the perfect fit! I think I need to get something similar...since I usually just leave my blow dryer or curling irons on my bathroom counter...not smart haha..

    That's good that it wasn't too expensive either! Great find!

    1. It is literally the perfect thing, I can't believe that more companies don't make similar products! Well I used to leave mine on the floor or on a wooden desk, aren't we a couple of smarties! xx

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