Review: George High Lite Stick in Angel Cake

Another item from my delve into George makeup, this is a sheer cream blusher in a stick that is also meant to act as a highlight.
For starters I really like the packaging, its quite simple and sleek and makes the product look a bit pricier than it actually is. The cap fits tightly and the sturdy plastic gives a nice weightiness to the stick.
This is an unusual peachy red that goes well with my light to medium skin tone but does have one pretty dreaded ingredient... glitter! (We'll come back to the glitter in a minute). To use the product you twist the cream up and swipe straight onto cheeks, I feel I need 2 or 3 swipes on each cheek to get a good colour, and despite having the word 'cake' in the name the cream goes on evenly and blends well with either fingers or a stippling brush.
I really have to praise this product for it's ease of use, it has a slightly powdery formula so doesn't look too glossy and unnatural on the cheeks, and the colour starts off sheer so theres no panicked layering of foundation to try and tone down an unexpected mental colour as I've experienced with other cream blushes.

The thing that really lets it down though is the amount of gold glitter in the product- it looks pretty on the stick but doesn't translate well on the face due to the size of the particles. I like a bit of shimmer on the eyes or the cheeks (I do draw the line at lips) but I feel abundant glitter on the face after about 14 years old should only be restricted to NYE. Because of the formula the more you buff at it the less visible the glitter is and it does become acceptable for post-14 daytime wear, but that also makes it a bit redundant as a highlighter!
Heavy swatch in sunlight / in the shade
Blended out with fingers and a stippling brush (tiny bit of powder highlighter on top)
Something I also should've mentioned is that at £5 this isn't one of Geroge's cheapest make up items and for the same I could buy an actually quite nice pair of George shoes.
I have been getting use out of the High Lite stick with another highlighter on top as I like the colour and its so quick and easy to apply but it does seem a bit silly to have to buff out what is meant to be its' main feature. Apart from the glitter issue it is a nice product and from another brand I probably would've been happy to pay £5 but given George's usual low price point it is a little on the steeper side.

The High Lite stick is also available in the shades Baby Doll which is a very light pink or Heartbreaker which is similar to Angel Cake but darker. If you'd like to try Angel Cake for yourself (maybe you really like glitter, I'm not judging you!) you can find it at the George section of Asda or from Asda Online.

Have you tried any items from the George make up range? How do you feel about glittery cheeks- fun and shiny, or a big no-go?


  1. i haven't tried any products from the george range at asda but they seem actually quite good! shame about the glitter!x

    1. I think theyve got a few winners, especially for being reasonably priced, not sure I'd try out the George foundation though. It is a shame, I liked the look of it from the website but they didnt mention glitter! x

  2. Thanks for sharing :) just followed !

  3. product looks really pretty one you;)x

    1. Thank you hun, it does give quite a sheer colour x

  4. Wow beautiful color! New Follower:-)

    1. It does look nice on the stick doesnt it. Thanks for following xx

  5. I haven't come across the George make-up range before but I'm a huge fan of their clothes so gonna be keeping an eye out for it :) This reminds me of one of the new benefit products, I'm not sure how I'd get on with applying a blusher as a stick but I really like the colour of this.
    The MUA mosaic blusher I use has a tiny bit of shimmer in it but no way near as glittery as this!
    Love Holly x

    1. They do have some really good stuff, theres a liquid highlighter called Glow Shine that is reeally similar to a Benefit one but much cheaper! Ooh yeh Ive seen that one, I think shimmer is a lot better than glitter! Limited Editions in M&S has a similar one made of 3D hearts, it looks soo cute xx


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