How To Care For Your Fashion Jewellery

Gold fashion skull, unicorn jewellery. How to clean and care for your jewellery
How many times have you dug an old favourite piece of jewellery out of the cupboard only to find it's discoloured, rusted or (horror!) fallen apart? As much as you might curse the shop you bought it from, not caring for your jewellery properly is actually the biggest cause of defects.

Giving your fashion jewellery the proper love and care it deserves can ensure it stays looking gorgeous for years, and luckily it's very simple to do!

Do protect your lovely jewellery from rain, sweat and body lotion during wear
Do apply hairspray, perfume and body products (sparingly) before putting your jewellery on
Don't do the washing up in all your rings and bracelets

Why- fashion jewellery is made from metal alloys (which means different types of metals mixed together) and water, alcohol and some oils can cause these metals to oxidise, creating rust, corrosion and a range of strange colours to appear on the surface from green to yellow. Alcohols and strong astringents can also cause metals and some types of beads and crystals to lose their gorgeous shine.

Do give your items a rub with a soft cloth after wear to ensure they're clean and sparkling
Do use a soft, clean dry toothbrush to clean daily dirt from hard to reach places occasionally if needed
Don't use soapy water, chemicals or harsh abrasives to clean your jewellery

Why- as above, too much moisture can cause metal alloys to oxidise, but chemicals or over vigorous cleaning can remove the coating from some pieces and loosen glues, increasing the chance of losing crystals and beads or the item falling apart!

Do remember to remove jewellery before bed
Do hang necklaces or lay them flat in a box, to stop them becoming tangled
Do store earrings in pairs for ease and piece of mind
Do find beautiful holders for your jewellery (especially lovely ring stands!) but remember to rotate the items 'on show' frequently, as direct sunlight and exposure to air can sometimes cause colours to fade.

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