DIY Shoe/Collar Clips

These clips are a brilliant and simple way to rework a necklace you no longer wear- use them to embellish heels, plain flats or sandals, attach them to a shirt as statement collar clips, or even use them in your hair to jazz up a bun!

You'll need
1 necklace with large gemstones that you don't wear anymore (any will work but the cheaper the better as it will be easier to pull apart)
2 hair grips
A pair of pliers
Glue (we switched to Araldite (a stronger resin glue) halfway through)

1. Use the pliers to remove any links, chains or unwanted embellishments on the necklace.
2. Carefully pull the necklace apart so you have individual gemstones or small clusters if working with smaller crystals.
3. Arrange your design (remember you need two!). We went for a long angular shape but you could try circles or stacking to achieve something unique. Make sure the design is long enough to cover the hair grip.
4. Rub your chosen gems on coarse sandpaper if they have any sharp edges or pieces of metal sticking from the sides to give them a smooth shape.
5. Apply glue to the sides of the gems to stick them together and secure your design. Make sure to use a strong glue so the clips can withstand any knocks they may take, and follow the instructions on the packet to ensure it hardens perfectly.
6. Once the glue has dried and your new gemstone design is solid, apply a line of glue to the back and press the hair grip down firmly. We cut a cotton bud (Q tip) and slid a part of the stick it into the grip to keep each prong apart.
7. Once all the glue has dried, remove the cotton bud stick and you're ready to roll! Try out your new customised clips on everything from your shoes to your handbag to your hair to give your outfit some personality!

Let us know how you get on with this DIY, tweet us a picture so we can see!

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