3 Tips To Get Your Feet Ready For Summer

If you're worried about getting your feet out after a winter of hiding them away you shouldn't be- sandal ready feet are just 3 steps away, and it won't take long to get them looking smooth and pretty before you step out into the sun. Read the tips below and get your feet ready for summer in no time!

Removing tough or dry skin is the starting point for beautiful summer feet, it helps keep them smooth and preps them for lotions and oils that will keep them in tip top condition. A pumice stone or sturdy bristled brush are great to smooth and remove hard skin on the heels and callouses or tough areas near the toes. 

For the whole foot try making your own salt scrub to slough off dull dead cells and reveal soft smooth skin- mix one cup salt with 1/2 cup olive oil, add the juice of one lemon and a few drops of your favourite essential oil (peppermint or lavender are lovely scents for the feet), combine thoroughly and spoon into a lidded jar to keep the scrub fresh. Apply a handful or two and massage into your feet concentrating on rougher areas and voilĂ , super smooth skin!

2. Moisturise
After exfoliation, add some moisture into your skin with a thick lotion or oil, coconut or argan oils are great as they're natural and will give your feet a healthy radiance. 
For an intensive moisturisation apply a thick layer before bed and sleep in cotton socks, you'll wake up to transformed feet!

3. Manicure
A summer foot isn't complete without a manicure, especially if you've been hiding your toes all winter! Prep the nails by pushing back the cuticles, using a buffing block to smooth any ridges or thickened areas and shape with a file or scissors, making sure to prevent ingrown toenails by avoiding the sides.

Apply a base coat and your favourite shade of polish, brights are lovely for spring and summer but pastels are on trend for this year. If you're impatient, use a quick drying polish which will avoid you having to sit around with wet nails waiting for them to dry. 
Finally, a clear gloss top coat and a little cuticle oil will complete the look, ensuring your feet are sandal perfect and summer ready!
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