21 at Twenty One

As my 22nd birthday looms closer (my mum is already asking for a birthday list), I'm feeling older than ever but still a bit like a bewildered toddler just finding my feet. A lot has happened over the last few years as I'm sure has with many other bloggers- family, relationships, health and wealth have all gone up and down, but I've been thinking about the little things that have surprised and confused as well as amused me. This is a little list of many of those things- a light-hearted take on things I didn't think I'd be feeling/experiencing at this age, some of which have an explanation, some don't need an explanation, and some literally have no explanation- but most make me feel more like I'm turning 72 rather than 22 this September:

1. Not being able to cope with temperatures under 20 degrees.
2. Not wanting to go outside because its windy, its raining, or the sun has gone behind a cloud for 5 minutes.
3. Looking at virtually underage schoolgirls and wondering if they're dressed sexier than me.4. Buying massive spanx-type granny pants to go under tiny clubbing dresses.
5. Wondering if tiny clubbing dresses have become a bit too tiny.
6. Not actually wearing the tiny clubbing dresses despite massive spanx-type granny pants.
7. Telling myself I'm still growing to justify that third sausage at dinner (I'm not getting any taller but width-wise I'm not so sure!).
8. Asking the OH if he thinks lightly groomed ladyparts are 'exotic' because I'm getting bored of the upkeep (a definite no, I bought 20 more Gillette.)
9. Varicose Veins- on a recent trip to the Dr I mentioned some prominent, blue and sore veins at the back of my knees, the Dr said nothing can be done to prevent varicose veins or stop them getting worse but I was sent off with the delightful news that “if they get really bad and painful you can have an operation to pull them out”. Pull. Them. Out?? I will be buying compression stockings pronto.
10. Thinking that looking 'mumsy' isn't such a bad style after all (the first one will be called James, thanks for asking).
11. Buying lovely little homeware items for some home I don't actually live in.
12. Sneaking the OH past my dad like a schoolgirl despite never actually bothering to sneak when I was a school girl.
13. Getting up in the middle of the night to deal with frogs throwing themselves at the bathroom wall and the cat crying because no ones awake to accept her generous gift.
14. Cellulite- previously thought of by me as an affliction of only the over 40s, the back top of my thighs would thoroughly disagree. My general hate of exercise prevents me keeping up a good squatting routine so it's likely I'll never be found in a pair of hotpants (although not sure I really want to wear hotpants anyway).
15. Stretchmarks- another misconception of mine as a young girl, I thought stretchmarks were only really common post-pregnancy. However at about 13 I suddenly stretched and widened out, and although my stretchmarks haven't faded that much in nearly 10 years I've come to accept them as an interesting tiger stripe skin accessory à la this lady here.
16. My skin not suddenly becoming even and spot-less as soon as I turned 20.
17. Actually missing being at school- at the time school felt like torture: horrible early mornings, teachers and subjects I didn’t get on with, homework and worrying about exams. I never thought I'd miss it but looking back it was actually pretty easy and such a laugh even with a few exams thrown in (and 25 young girls' hormones clashing in one room). Is it too late to train as a teacher? Maybe I could go back and relive my glory days!
18. Having to think about rent, proper weekly shopping, home insurance etc. I'm back living with my Dad at the moment but when I did have to budget and try to do some maths (terrible brain for numbers) it all felt a bit too grownup and perplexing!
19. Bunions- before you groan, bunions aren't as bad they sound. Generally thought of as an affliction of the elderly, in a mild form it just means the bones in your foot stick out slightly while your toes point inwards a bit. Years of wearing my school shoelaces loose, followed by jamming my feet into the front of heels and wide Primark flats have left me with slightly prominent bones on the outside edge, delightfully named 'Tailors Bunions'.
20. Going Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low Acid and Low FODMAP- the thought of giving up milk chocolate, cheese, apples, pastry and Haribo would've sent me into a cold sweat a few years ago but, while this 'diet' is hard for the first few months especially, I'm proud of myself for sticking with it and  want to say a big thank you to Mr Sucrose (and his cousin Glucose) for helping me through it.

As you can tell, I'm feeling pretty grannyish at the moment but I know I'm not the only one. If I'm like this now, imagine what I'll be like at 30!


  1. Bon anniversaire!!

  2. This made me giggle! I went through the same things when I turned 22. And only today actually did I look at a group of 19/20 yrs old to think 'Hmm their skirts are short'...oh dear, and gone are my days of sexy underwear clubbing. No thanks, spanx all the way. Much more comfortable, plus they hold in the 'alcohol belly'!

    Oh, and I've gone gluten free for health reasons! Haha God help us in 10 years time eh!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I'm so glad it's not just me haha. I'm a fan of short dresses but some of them are really shocking, even the way some girls wear their school uniforms! Oh god definitely, theres only so long I can stand up straight and suck in a bit before tequila muffin top bites back!

      we'll be blogging next to our zimmer frames with a cup of horlicks I think ;) (if horlicks is gluten fre that is!) x

  3. Hahah, this post is so funny :) Welcome to twenties life, I think I've felt every single one of these points... (and more now I'm nearly 28...!!!) Don't worry being this age is great you just need to adapt into it, it's even better than being a teenager, trust me :)

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

    1. Aw thanks Lyndsay, I'm not getting younger so I wonder whats yet to come! I'm glad others feel the same though I was worried I was elderly before my time haha x

  4. I laughed and nodded pretty much all the way through this! Don't worry, getting older isn't so bad, priorities just change. I don't like the sound of my age, but I'm also glad I'm not going through all those horrid teenage years again from a puberty perspective! xo

    Adrienne | Late Night Nonsense | Bloglovin'

    1. Oh god thats true! Although could do with a bit of help in the chest department so maybe a second puberty wouldn't be all that bad haha. I've got a feeling I'll have a bigger and bigger sob the closer I get to 30, I'm not even that keen on bdays at the best of times! x

  5. Thats so sweet your mom still asks for a birthday wish list! Thats lovely:)

    1. Oh is that not normal? I thought all mums did that haha, I dont think mine will ever stop, she loves buying presents (already bought a few for christmas in july!) x

  6. Aw, I loved this post haha! Especially '8. Asking the OH if he thinks lightly groomed ladyparts are 'exotic' because I'm getting bored of the upkeep (a definite no, I bought 20 more Gillette.)'Definitely exotic.

    Sophie x

    1. Well I was looking for a word for 'different' that might be a bit more persuasive and exotic seemed fitting. Maybe not quite exotic but unusual for the girls I know haha! To be honest I think he thought the right word was lazy not exotic :( x


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