Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I had heard how similar the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is to the Buffing Brush that every blogger and her cat absolutely loves for foundation. As the Buffing brush is only available in a set I decided to buy a few others separately to add to my collection.

I so wanted to love this for foundation but I just couldn't get on with it, I feel that it moves the product around rather than buffing it in and I just can't get a nice finish with it. I really like the Stippling Brush for foundation and as so many people love this I must be doing something wrong, if you have any tips then please let me know! 
All isn't lost for me and this brush though as I do love it for other things- it applies and blends cream blushes like a dream, it's the perfect size for cream bronzers around the cheekbones and outside of the face, creates a lovely finish with all types of highlighter, and is great for powdering smaller areas like the T zone. I use it for so many things that I've been having to spot clean it like there's no tomorrow but I've had no shedding at all and it's still got the same silky soft texture of loveliness that it did the day I bought it.

If you're currently using a stippling brush for your cream products I would highly recommend trying out the Expert Face Brush. The bristles are densely packed but it has a tapered top so you can apply a product with one side and blend with the other, or apply with just the topmost bristles and use the brush with a firmer grip to let the bristles do the blending for you. It really is a lovely brush and doesn't compare to the others I have, especially the flat-tops!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is available from Boots, Superdrug and for £9.99.


  1. i LOVE this brush, i would suggest using this brush in buffing motions, i don't like it for very runny / liquidy (?) foundations because its tends to streak, i like this for thicker consistency foundations:) i use to apply powder/liquid highlight with this when i didn't know this was for foundation last time!

    1. I've tried all kinds of motions but definitely get streaking problems! Ahh maybe its because I'm using it with liquids, I think the thickest one I have atm is Clinique's Supermoisture so will have a go with that, thank you for the tip!
      I really like it with highlighters too, prevents them from making pores look really obvious which they can do on my skin sometimes :S xx

  2. Lovely review! I was thinking of getting this brush but put it off for so long because I love the stippling brush so much! I think I'll continue to stick with that one now xx

    1. I think if you love it stick with it, so many people love this brush though so it might work well for you x

  3. This brush is really amazing and i have three brushes like this, i am using this and know its importance.

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